Buffalo Creek Magazine

The Official Newsletter Magazine of the Buffalo Creek Homeowners Association

Written Testimonials

Quotes We absolutely look forward to the day it arrives. We've been very pleased with the information in it, to get to see all the people who live around here and all the businesses. Great format and great everything. Quotes
Becky and Alan Welch
Buffalo Creek Residents

Quotes In a very short period of time this magazine has come to mean a lot to this community. We get lots of magazines and very few of them get read. There's one magazine now, that gets read cover to cover in my house ... by me, by my wife, by both of my daughters ... and it's Buffalo Creek Magazine. Quotes
Mayor John Ratcliffe
Buffalo Creek Resident

Quotes It's been a great magazine for us. Our clientele tend to be from a higher income bracket and the Buffalo Creek neighborhood has been really good for that. Quotes
Monty Kitchen
Partner, Big D Boat Club

Quotes When I got my first Buffalo Creek Magazine I was so excited! Because it told me all the things going on and it was so different ... Tim helped put an ad in the Buffalo Creek Magazine and we are having new people call us and it's been wonderful! Quotes
Virginia Simmons
Buffalo Creek Resident

Quotes We read the magazine because of the articles that you present ... especially the restaurants (reviews) because we wait for the restaurant to be reviewed before we even go out to the restaurant. Quotes
Dr. J. Alvarez
Buffalo Creek Resident

Quotes We are very, very impressed working with Tim and his staff. They're doing a great job. I personally as a member of the Board of Directors get several comments each month from residents about how pleased everyone is with the newsletter. Quotes
Duane Leftwich
Buffalo Creek Resident and HOA Board President

Quotes Advertising with N2 has felt more like a community effort. The events that they sponsor are amazing. It's a great way to meet people and feel like you're part of the community. Quotes
Dr. Jenna Webster

Quotes Our return has been good on this. A more personal advertising experience. The social events and networking opportunities are great. Tim has delivered on everything he promised. Quotes
Lisa and Tim Downs
Owners, Affinity Salon and Spa

Quotes Advertising in Buffalo Creek Magazine gives a geat return on investment. It's worth it! Quotes
Dan Zimmerman
President, Stop-on-a-Dime Mobile Brake Service