Buffalo Creek Magazine

The Official Newsletter Magazine of the Buffalo Creek Homeowners Association

Newsletter Connects on a Personal Level

   In partnership with the HOA, Buffalo Creek Magazine is a private newsletter magazine for the 2,000 residents of Buffalo Creek Country Club Estates; one of the largest, most influential, and most affluent communities in the Rockwall-Heath area with homes from $300,000 to $1.7 million.

Buffalo Creek Magazine is affiliated with Neighborhood Networks (N2) Publishing, which specializes in publishing newsletters for upscale communities.  N2 Publishing is a six year old national company with a 260% annual growth rate, presently serving over 110 communities.  To see a sample newsletter CLICK HERE

Published monthly, the newsletter is all about the residents, their neighbors, their kids, their neighbors kids, their homes, their businesses, the golf club, the tennis club, and more.  Consequently the readership is extremely high.  91% of the residents read every issue, each issue is kept an average of 60 days, and referred back to several times.


What RESIDENTS say about Buffalo Creek Magazine (approx 2 minutes)

What ADVERTISERS say about Buffalo Creek Magazine (approx 3 minutes)


  • "We absolutely look forward to the day it arrives. We've been very pleased with the information in it, to get to see all the people who live around here and all the businesses. ..."
    Becky and Alan Welch
    Buffalo Creek Residents
  • "In a very short period of time this magazine has come to mean a lot to this community. We get lots of magazines and very few of them get read. There's one magazine now, that g..."
    Mayor John Ratcliffe
    Buffalo Creek Resident
  • "It's been a great magazine for us. Our clientele tend to be from a higher income bracket and the Buffalo Creek neighborhood has been really good for that. "
    Monty Kitchen
    Partner, Big D Boat Club